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By Kate Gingold

Agatha Annotated

Investigating the Books of the 1920s

Obscure Terms & Historical References in the Works of Agatha Christie

Do you love Agatha Christie mystery novels, but skip over any unfamiliar references? Then you’re missing out! Read Christie’s books as if you were her 1920s contemporary.

What You Get in



Over 1800 Terms

Meticulously researched and double-checked with experts from all over the world.  

There’s a twelve-page bibliography!

Nearly 200 images and illustrations


French phrases spoken by
Christie’s most famous detective,



The Latest Work of Our 

Award-Winning Author

Kate Gingold

Kate Gingold has long had a deep affection for Agatha Christie novels and started collecting them from garage sales in her teens. Now an empty-nester, Kate has a little more time to spend going down rabbit holes to figure out what Christie meant by some of her more puzzling references.

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Other Books By Kate

A True Story

Awarded by the Illinois State Historical Society for the “use of creativity within an accurate framework of history” in telling the true story of the Great Lakes voyage to found a town in the Illinois plains.

A companion activity book is also available with puzzles and crafts.

Settlement Stories!

The historic buildings preserved at Naper Settlement in Naperville, Illinois are the inspiration for 10 tales from beyond! Each story takes real people from the past and puts them in supernatural situations.  History can be so fun, it’s scary!

Lincoln Was Here!

Like the famous party game guessing the least number of connections between a person and Kevin Bacon, Kate tells us all the connections that Abraham Lincoln has to the cities and towns of northern Illinois. A fascinating bit of trivia about our 16th President.

From Experience

A new author breathes a sigh of relief once her book is in print, but wait! There’s more! All the promoting, presenting, and selling both yourself and the book is only beginning. Kate creates a well crafted checklist of steps to success for rookie authors in this easy to read and reference gem.


Mystery lovers will devour this book… Ms. Gingold anticipates virtually any question a Christie reader might have.

Patricia Rockwell,
Cozy Cat Press


An account of early Naperville based on real people. Meticulous research by the author denotes the time and place of 19th century Illinois.”

Russell Lewis,
Executive Vice
President and
Chief Historian of
the Chicago
History Museum


“This is a terrific book!”

Tony Medawar, Program Director, International Agatha Christie Festival

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